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Keuruu Pentecostal midsummer conference: Radio Gospel - Heimo Enbuska

Priest and musicien Heimo Enbuska June 20, 2012 - studio interview of Radio Gospel – the official radio of Keuruu Pentecostal midsummer conference, in Finland

Three records have been published in one year: “Kootut laulut” (Song collection) in the autumn. After publishing I started my career as a performing musician as my full-time job. There were sing-along events in October. I took a break from working as a priest in my local church, and I started a concert-tour of Finland. From my earlier records I chose 20 songs to “Kootut laulut” record, which appears to be a kind of “the best of –record”. We had concerts in more than 115 towns and regions, and the record was a useful tool.

I’m really concerned about the demanding atmosphere which is rising in the field of our churches and congregations. An individual can never feel restful in the church after having chosen the good part, which will not be taken away. New trends and the media is too much and too fastly having impact on our churches and congregations, and individuals feel tired and fed up. Everyone should have right to feel relaxed with new trends of churches. All should feel familiar with his own faith. Everything should be unaffectedly based on the grace.

Last christmas was published a Christmas record, and the earlier one of my christmas records was published in 2000, accompanied by a concert-tour in Finland. After lots of performing the songs appeared to be a useful tool. Now it was time to make a new Christmas song record. Each individual song has a kind of key to an individual heart. Christmas is something really great, because everyone is permitted to come to Jesus, even they who normally don’t go to church.

In your concerts people feel really moved and touched. How should I be prepared to these situations? I don’t feel being a singer or a musician, but a storyteller. Instead of careful singing-voice maintenance I carefully want to make sure to myself, that my job is not a routine. My prayer is, that The Holy Spirit of God would supply the performing with a feeling of a unique situation. When people are touched by the songs, the music becomes alive for me too. I don’t feel guilty singing the same songs. Situations are unique, and “God plucks his roosters.”

My newest record is ”Sinun kanssasi” (”With you”). My earlier records were often folk music, thanks to the producer Matti Laitinen. Now I wanted to do something different, music with more direct, linear and simple feeling. Something you can just put on when driving a car without a meditative or concentrated state of mind and atmosphere. There are many songs I have learned in my childhood, which I have adapted to this idea and plan. Recording was unique beacause my family also took part and some of the melodies are composed by me.

What kind of expections do I have for this summer conference? When the weather is rainy like today I hope tomorrow there’ll be sunshine, lots of fellowship with friends and new people with feeling of the best thing that friends can give: encouragement for life. I hope that the real love of God would be revealed to the unaffected and hankering people by the worships, bible studies and by all the programme here in Keuruu conference.

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