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Keuruu Pentecostal Conference 2013 - Opening ceremony

Keuruu Pentecostal Conference in Finland - 19.6.2013

speech: Pekka Havupalo, the leading pastor of Turku pentecostal church

Heaven is graceful. When God is graceful, God needs people. That's what appears in one conversation between Jesus and an expert in law: Luc 10: 25-37

Conversation between Jesus and an expert in law topped to the question of love and neighbourhood. It's visible that Jesus wants that God's gracefulness would find the ways through people to other peoples heart.

There are wounded people around us everywhere. The Evil has robbed something from inside. There's one robbed in the mirror. When Jesus starts to talk to the expert of law, he refers to his heart. Jesus sees the pain in the heart. Jesus wants to proclaim that his soul is broken. The expert of law wanted something. He wanted to put Jesus to a test. There was something which made him to put his neighbours to test. He felt his neighbours enemies and they needed to be stressed. He wanted to prove to be righteous.

The society where a man is accepted only by works. He thought: the only way to be accepted was doing and clearing the bar. Jesus saw this. I personally believe that Jesus referred by Samarian to his conversation mate.

Jesus sees your heart. He sees something that no one else sees. He sees deeper. He sees profetically. He wants to stop to help you. He needs other people to do this. Pity and love need to fulfill our hearts.

Only by clearing a bar only by achieving only by works to be accepted: I pray for you who are broken for the same reason. You have been stressed to aim high. Every time has made you more broken than you were before. Jesus is gracefull and very close to that kind of persons.

There were three persons seeing the same wounded Samarian. God led their steps through the same way. Difference was: one had a heart to react to it what he saw. A hardened heart gives no help to people.

I hope you're praying: God, please soften my heart. I pray that my heart woudln't be so hardened like they who passed the Samarian. Their schedule would have changed for the religious and cultural washing rituals if they had reacted and acted. How often you don't have time enough? We need to know why we're passing by. We need to stop and face the fact that I pass by. We need to ask why I pass by. We need to let God touch our heart.

Gracefulness emerges there where heart is emphatic. God is loveful. Love appears by sacrificing commitments. Jesus wants to prove by the example of the Samarian: the pity appeared by doing. It may be that when Jesus talked about Samarian, he talked about himself. His love changed to work on the cross.

The Samarian was negleted because of his ethnic background. Jesus chooses this kind of person to his message to tell how we can prove gracefullness.

Didn't our Jesus do the same when he came close to us. He sees your pain. He can come closer to you than anyone else. He knows you wounds. He knows, he acts, the Holy Spirit touches wounded hearts and souls.

Samarian didn't only see the wounds, he took the Samarian to the boarding house. This happened in Jericho which was a totally jewish town. Samarian risked his life. He as a neglected Samarian would have been suspected for a crime against the wounded. Isn't this symbolizing what happened on the cross of Jesus.

Jesus wants to help by giving us hope, everlasting life and healing of your wounds. Jesus paid the price of our sins on the cross. The heaven is gracefull.

When heaven is gracefull it creates love in return. Being an object to the God's love appears by loving people. Jesus turned aroung the original question. Jesus calls us to be neighbours over all borders and crossing all the limits. Heaven is gracefull.

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